Javascript Lesson 0: Getting Started

In order to start writing JavaScript programs, you will need to download the appropriate software.

First, you will need to install a code editor such as NotePad++, and create a new HTML file.
You will also need an updated browser to view your web pages in action, such as Google Chrome.

Below, you will find a template for creating your first web page, as well as a brief explanation of the code.

-Line 1 configures the document to an HTML document. This gives instructions to your broswer that allow it to run HTML and JavaScript code.

-Line 3 is the start of our HTML document. Everything within the HTML tags (< html > < /html>).

-Line 5 contains the head tags that house things such as scripts, links, and titles that can be used to configure your document.

-Line 9 starts with the body tag, which defines the body of the document. Things such as paragraphs, tables, and scripts will go in between the tags.

You can copy the code to the right to start your own basic web page.